Smart Monitoring for Efficiency and Sustainability

Our mission is to revolutionize the concrete industry by optimizing operational efficiency, minimizing CO2 emissions, and enhancing profitability of concrete companies through the implementation of real-time smart concrete monitoring.

Real-time monitoring

Enable real-time monitoring of concrete properties, facilitating quick adjustments in production to meet customer requirements and minimize unnecessary wait time.

Investigate deliveries

Optimize cost savings and reduce emissions by precisely modifying concrete recipes and reducing raw material usage (cement, admixtures etc).

Optimize cost savings

Conduct comprehensive retrospective investigations of deliveries to identify the root causes of failures, enabling targeted improvements and preventive measures.

Automated documentation of adjustments

Achieve precise and remote control of water addition to on-site cement mixers, ensuring the attainment of desired slump levels, all while automatically documenting all adjustment.

Product architecture

Real-time data processing using Conext's proprietary AI models

Our advanced sensor is effortlessly installed in your concrete mixers, seamlessly integrating with various mixer types. Real-time data is processed using Conext's proprietary AI models, yielding actionable insights into your operations. These valuable insights can be securely accessed from any PC, mobile, or tablet device.